jeudi 12 mai 2011

Maurice Alfrédo Sixto (May 12, 1919 – May 12, 1984

 Once upon a time, there was a man, a Haitian man, one of those men whom we would love to see live forever, but… nature has its own laws.
In all of the greatest and unforgettable men, that our Dear Haiti knew, we are more than thrill to put in evidence, to give merit homage to one of our most prideful black man Maurice A. Sixto!
Why Maurice Sixto? Well, there are times in this lifetime where a nation has to turn to what it has produce the most valuable and get a breath of hope to know that all is not lost. At this point in time where Haiti like an abandon mother seems to ask herself:” But where are my sons”? Now that our Isle is being compared to a sinking boat, without captain aboard it is soothing and comforting to remember a man such as Mr. Sixto.

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