mercredi 25 mai 2011

Daniel Fignolé: The 19 Day President

Daniel Fignolé was one of the first influential leaders of Haiti. He was a labor organizer, popular among the workers of Port-au-Prince, that at a moment's notice he could get masses of people in to the streets, known as the "woulo konpresé", the streamroller.
In 1942, Mr. Fignolé founded a newspaper called Chantiers, that had a liberal, noiriste, slant, meaning it fought for the common man and for the black man.
In the Chantiers, Fignolé would blast Haiti's mulattoes for their selfishness as he argued for social programs to uplift the majority, black population that was poor.
Fignolé's influence had reach such a climax that the president then, Former President Elie Lescot, closed down the paper and fired Fignolé from a government position teaching. President Lescot also placed him under constant police surveillance.

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